Bunn My Cafe™ MCR Single Serve Cartridge Automatic Brewer

A fantastic option for offices, hotel rooms and other small operations, the Bunn MCR My Cafe single serve commercial brewer is engineered to achieve ideal brewing temperatures and features a unique extraction process to deliver great results every time! This machine has two default dispense portions of 6 and 8 oz., and can easily be adjusted between 4 and 16 oz. for excellent versatility.

The unit's water inlet valve kit eliminates the need for the constant refilling of water reservoirs associated with most single serve machines, but it also has a 90 oz. water reservoir with a large opening for simple filling if you need to use the machine as a pourover in a pinch.

  • › Compact size - only 15.5" (39.4cm) tall and requires less than 9" (22.cm) of counter space
  • › Designed to be compliant with ADA self-service requirements
  • › Engineered to achieve industry-recognized brewing temperatures and to utilize a unique water jet extraction process, delivering quality results in the cup for a variety of single serve cartridges
  • › Two default dispense sizes - 6oz and 8oz (117.4mL and 236.6mL)
  • › Dispense sizes from 4 to 16oz (118-473mL); adjustable in .25 increments
  • › Energy Saver Mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods
  • › Ideal for office and small business environments
  • › Removable, dishwasher-safe 90oz (2.7L) water reservoir with large fill opening
15.5 in
16 in
8.8 in


Capacity (Servings/Hour) 60
Brewer Type Works with all cartridges that would work in your Keurig® brewer
Cup sizes Simple controls - two brew sizes and a no-nonsense "ready to brew" light
Water Resevoir Removable dishwasher safe 90oz water reservoir with large fill opening
Voltage 120V/60Hz
Power 12.25 AMPS/1470 Watts

Bunn My Cafe™ MCO Single Serve Cartridge Automatic Brewer

Dispense 4 to 16 oz. beverages with the Bunn My Cafe MCO single serve cartridge automatic brewer. Ideal for offices and small business environments, this brewer features a touchscreen interface that allows you to choose brew setting for coffee, tea, cocoa, or hot water. Each beverage types offers three brewing sizes, offering great flexibility. A built-in flip tray accommodates a variety of cup and mug sizes, while an automatic cartridge ejector and automatic water refill keeps your brewer ready to dispense at a moment's notice. This machine utilizes a unique water jet extraction process to deliver proper brewing temperatures and a quality cup with each use and features an energy-saver mode that reduces tank temperature during idle periods to cut down on operation costs.

  • › Automatic ejection of brewed cartidges
  • › Customizable brew settings for beverages
  • › Internal waste storage for 25+ cartridges
  • › Separate hot water dispenser
  • › Three adjustable brew sizes per beverage
  • › Automatic water refill
  • › Flip tray to accommodate wide range of cup sizes and travel mugs
  • › Touch screen interface
16.8 in
20.6 in
11.7 in


Capacity (Servings/Hour) 60
Brewer Type Works with all cartridges that would work in your Keurig® brewer
Cup sizes Programmable
Voltage 120V/60Hz
Power 12 AMPS/1450 Watts

DIAMO™ ONE Semi-automated espresso machine

You don't need to be a barista, clutter all your counter space or break the bank to enjoy amazing espressos, cappuccinos or lattes in your home with the Diamo One. Ready to brew in under a minute, the Diamo One uses economical Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) pods to deliver consistently delicious espresso without the clean-up. Drop the pod in, close the cover and choose your brew. Use our powerful steam wand to heat or froth your milk. It's that easy!

  • › Uses Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) pods to deliver consistently delicious espresso
  • › Powerful 21-bar Italian Pump in a Compact Design
  • › Advanced 1200W thermoblock technology heats up in 45 seconds
  • › One-Touch Auto Brewing for Espresso (Single), Lungo (Double) or Americano
  • › Compact size doesn't take up counter space


Brew an Espresso, Lungo or Americano at the touch of a button. Customize the presets for just the size you like.


Spend less time refilling the tank and more time sipping an espresso.


Froth milk for cappuccinos, lattes and other great coffee drinks. You can also dispense hot water for tea.

5 in
10 in
16 in


One-Touch Brewing Espresso, Lungo or Americano
Pump pressure 21 bar
Thermoblock heater 1200W Quick-Heating
Steaming capability Stainless Steel Steam Tube
Water tank Removable
Water tank capacity 37 oz. / 1.1L
Cup sizes Programmable
Max. cup height 5.6" / 14 cm
Water hardness Programmable
Descaling program Yes
Drip tray Yes, Removable
Weight 8 lbs. / 3.6 kg
Voltage 120V/60Hz
Stand-by function Yes

Introducing the Uniserve® Brewer.

  • › Commercial Grade, Single Serve
  • › Serviceable and Reliable
  • › K-Cup® Compatible
  • › Commercially Listed with UL

Compatible with all K-Cups® (including version 2.0)

The Uniserve Brewer™ has been purpose-built to work with all K-cup® compatible coffee brands, giving our customers the freedom to choose.

No Lukewarm Beverages Here!

Steaming hot beverages at the touch of a button.

Never Wait for Another Cup Again!

Under 45 second recovery time to optimal temperature, keeps your cup full of your favorite K-Cup® compatible beverage.

Commercial Volume.

Enjoy 10, 6-ounce cups, before easily refilling the removable water reservoir. Direct plumbed-in capability also available.

Every Cup. Every Time.

Premium hot water pump built to last for years, keeps our commercial grade, serviceable brewer running consistently.

Energy Saving.

Save energy utilizing the energy saving option, featured on the Uniserve Brewer™.

Built For Commerical Use But Perfect For The Home.

High heat and bar pressure designed to extract the most from your coffee, provides an enhanced taste and overall experience.

Office Volume. Commercial Reservoir.

With a large 65 oz external reservoir and a hot tank flow capacity of 4.3 gallons per hour, the whole office should never be without their favorite hot beverage.

Compact Power.

Compact designed to fit anywhere, without compromising performance.

7.5 in
11.8 in
12.6 in


Model T1B
Hot Tank 1300W, 176 F - 198 F
Hot Tank Flow Capacity 4.3 gal/hr - 20 oz static capacity
Water Pump 12VDC
Air Pump 12VDC
Certification Commercial UL
Net Size 7.5 in (w) x 12.6 in (d) x 11.8 in (h)
Shipping Size 8.6 in (w) x 13.7 in (d) x 13 in (h)
Net Weight 6.6 lbs
Shipping Weight 7.7 lbs
Container Loading pallet packing 90 units (1 pallet) / 1,980 units (40ft)
Life Cycle 15,000 cycles (6oz cup)

Replaceable Service Parts

› Brewing Chamber
› Lever
› Drip Tray
› Reservoir Exterior
› Air Pump
› Thermostat
› Hot Tank Assembly
› Transformer
› Main PCB (Printed Computer Board)
› Display PCB (Printed Computer Board)

Newco On-Demand LCD-2

Mild or bold, hot or cold! The LCD-2 offers you coffee on demand, just the way you want. The LCD-2 is available in a hot only machine with an LED display and soft touch control panel or with a stainless steel door and gravity faucets. The hot and ambient machine offers hot and iced coffee or tea and the ambient only machine is great for cold beverages.

Our delivery system ensures highly accurate product to water ratios while protecting the extract from air ensuring the integrity of the beverage. Customize the brilliant LED display and/or membrane switch providing you up to six different profile options.

Style Liquid Coffee
Brew Operations Digital
Heating System Tank Reservoir
Coffee Delivery Peristaltic pump
Tank System Closed
Voltage 120V or 120V/240V or Dual
Backup Pour In No



Newco On-Demand LBD

Mild or bold, hot or cold. The LBD Series offers you coffee on demand in a variety of strengths and temperatures to please your customer and increase sales. Choose from hot or ambient dispense; small, medium or large cup dispense; or mild, medium or bold beverage strength.

The flexibility is all built into each LBD dispenser. The LBD is Newco's on-demand coffee solution that acccommodates three 1-Gal BIB (Bag-In-Box) products and dispenses each by the cup. Complete with a backlit display and private branding option, the LBD is the perfect solution for high-volume, by-the-cup coffee locations.

Style Automatic
Brew Operations Digital
Heating System Tank Reservoir
Coffee Delivery Peristaltic pump
Voltage 120V or 120V/240V Only
Energy Smart Yes
Flow Regulation PDS

Grindmaster Liquid Coffee Dispenser
Ambient (LCD2-A)

Simple Dispensing Procedure: Place a cup on the cup target of the drain tray, Pull and hold handle for manual dispense (pull and release when in portion mode), When in manual mode release handle when the cup is 2/3 full, Remove your drink and enjoy!

Liquid Coffee Dispenser (ambient)
4 gallon (15L) water tank
Bag-in-box capacity (2) .5 gal (1.9L) & (1) 1 gal (3.8L)
Automatic water fill
Tomlinson valve dispense handles for manual or portion control fill on 2 coffee products and hot water
Operator portion override button for large volume dispenses
Holds two 1/2 gal or two 1 gal BIBs
Sold out device for BIBs can be changed out for use with cans
Digital controls for setup and calibration
Dispense up to 320 8oz cups per hour (based on 55F water inlet)