Bloomfield Karma 9456

  • Triple Powdered Cappuccino Machine with Triple 3lb Hoppers
  • Individual mixing and whipping system for each hopper allows product variety while eliminating flavor cross-over.
  • Beverage outlets eliminate splatter and make dispensing easy.
  • Slim, compact design.
  • Illuminated front panel and beverage selector.
  • Simplified plumbing and tubing for easy tank draining and cleaning.
  • Water flow adjustment for each outlet is located in the front of the unit for easy access.
  • Dual magnetic latches on access door for fast, easy refilling of the hoppers.
  • Liquid level sensor.
  • Tank heater on/off switch for energy saving options.
  • Stainless steel water tank.
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning.
  • Easy access to components for quick service


Multi-Flavor Hot Powder Beverage Dispensers

Cecilware GB5MF-IT-LD

  • Fast Flow: Dispenses beverages 30% faster, reducing wear & tear on major dispenser components
  • Vacuum Steam Removal System: Ensures the powdered mix remains dry to eliminate clogging, caking and bridging
  • Moisture & Powder Collection Tray: Prevents excess moisture & product powder from reaching the vacuum motor.
  • Direct Drive Auger System: Ensures perfect hopper alignment & "silent running".
  • Power Whip: Carefully whips the product into a delicious, creamy drink.
  • Self Cleaning: Rinse system is touch button easy & rinses the entire whipper chamber with hot water at the end of each cycle.
  • Quick Change Transparency: Simply lift up 2 tabs and pull out the graphic.
  • FAST Service: Front Access Saves Time, allows access to major components through the front of the dispenser.
  • Easy Bulb Access: New style screw-in bulb.
  • Slanted Whipper Chamber: Provides optimal mixing of product & keeps it flowing away from the motor seal.
  • Molded Fascia: Attractive contemporary design with extra large P.O.S. display, draws customers to the dispenser.
  • Intelligent Technology 2: Digital dispensers featuring touch pad control & large, two line LCT display.
  • Smartsense: Monitors cappuccino powder level, alerts operators when product hopper needs to be refilled, shuts off dispense mechanism on empty flavor hopper, and re-engages when hopper is refilled.

Flavor Cappuccino Dispenser

Cecilware GB6M10-LD-U

  • Fast Flow Destination Cappuccino Dispenser
  • Performs a 6 flavor manual dispense operation
  • Fits an 8-1/2" cup clearance
  • Includes a power whip
  • Holds a 4.2 gal. water tank capacity
  • Comes with a one 10 lb. & four 5 lb. powder product capacity each
  • Holds up to a 98 burst capacity
  • Features a lighted display
  • Designed with a black texture finish
  • 1/4" water required

Ugolini Ice NHT-UL

  • Suction Cup Compression Seal – A suction cup style diaphragm acts as a barrier between the granita product and vital gear motors.
  • 24 Hour Programmable Defrost Timer.
  • Dual Surface Freezing Chamber – freezes product quickly and efficiently.
  • Lit Graphics.
  • Adjustable Slush Mode – Allows you to set the slush consistency.
  • Cool Beverage Mode.
  • Auto Fill Ready For Liquid Bag-In-The-Box Apparatus.
  • Level Control System – In Auto Fill dispenser, senses when the Granita product is too low and automatically refills it to the appropriate level.
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel Non Magnetic Auger Shaft - Will Not Rust!

Mark II Iced Tea

  • Designed to brew at a consistent tempurature with little or no variance.
  • Brews iced tea or coffee directly into tea tub or airpot.
  • Brews 1 to 3 gallons iced tea.
  • Hot water spicket.
  • Four warming stations.

Bunn Cappuccino Fresh Mix Dispenser

  • Variable speed motors allow control of product consistency in mixing chamber (.75 to 6.6 grams of powder per second).
  • Lighted front graphics for merchandising are easy to exchange: cappuccino or soup.
  • Attractive high-impact resin door is dent and scratch resistant. Black finish or stainless with black door.
  • Large easy-to-use ll translucent hoppers hold 4 lbs. (1.81 kg) of product each, ensuring quick and timely refilling.
  • High speed heavy-duty whipper for complete product mixing.
  • Improved automatic rinsing of whipper reduces run-on after beverage is dispensed.
  • Adjustable legs and drip tray accommodate 20 oz. (.59 litre) mugs easily.
  • Electrical and plumbing components easily accessible through front and top.